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Custom Built BBQ Smokers

We build customised BBQ smokers with high-quality materials

Imagine the deliciously tempting aromas of slow-cooked quality steak as it gets immersed in the warm smokey heat of your HogPit Custom BBQ Smoker!

HogPit will custom build your perfect BBQ Smoker, or you can choose one of our existing models, customised if you require!

Hours later you sit down and enjoy the best part - meat so succulent and tender, tinged with the mouth-watering flavours and smell of the wood-fired smoke, which has enfused into your steak through your HogPit Smoker's special design.

Whether you just enjoy the occasional smoked Barbie at home, or you're an avid BBQ Warrior looking for the competitive edge for your next weekend Comp...
Hogpit's personal service and hand-built quality won't disappoint!

Let's get smokin'

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Call us for more information about our BBQ smokers and to order your own pre-designed, or customised model. You can also:


All our BBQ Smokers are made with customisable specs according to your particular needs and wants!

From simple free-standing units for the back-yard, through to sophisticated trailer-mounted competition units, with carefully designed work-spaces and functionality to improve your efficiency and the Award-Winning quality of your tasty end product!

Smart & Functional

The Hogpit Smokers Look GREAT!  Clearly made with love and passion, the quality and careful construction speaks for itself!

But not only that, the Hogpit BBQ Smokers are carefully designed to give you a highly functional workspace, more cook-space and great smoke infusion.

High levels of construction attention-to-detail set our smokers apart from lesser mass produced models


All our BBQ Smokers are lovingly hand made with the highest quality, locally sourced, and durable materials.

Jaimie, our founder, and Master-Smoker-Maker is a Boiler Maker by trade, so you can be re-assured there’s many years of knowledge and on-the-ground experience that goes into the careful creation of each Hogpit BBQ Smoker.

Our Smokers are guaranteed for five years, for your peace of mind.

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