BBQ Smokers

Starting from $2890

The Squealer(20``)

1700mm long, 820mm wide, 1770mm high.
Approx. weight 190kg.
Cook chamber 520mm Diameter x 830mm long.
Food grade 316 stainless steel racks and sear grill.
Stainless hinge bolts.
6mm mild steel plate construction.
Racks x 2, size 700mm x 425mm.
Removable sear grill 360mm x 310mm.
1x River Country Thermometer.
Solid 2.5mm Stainless front bench.
Easy lift counterweight door.
Removable exhaust.
650deg heat proof paint.

Hot plate over firebox: 6mm mild steel $140.

Hinged drop down front bench $70.

Personalised nameplate, letters only $130.

Additional temperature gauge  $65.

The Porker.

Cook chamber 520mm diameter x 1210mm long.
2x 316 Stainless racks, 425mm x 1050mm.
Standard firebox with removable sear grill.
Price: $3290.

Insulated Firebox.
All smokers upgradable to insulated firebox with options for sear grill and hot plate.
Enquire for prices.

The Redneck Edition (Trailer Mount)

Cook Chamber inside dimensions 1200mm long x 610 diameter.

6mm mild steel construction throughout.

2 x 316 stainless racks dimensions 1050mm x 560mm

Insulated fire box

2 x River Country Thermometers

All hinge bolts and exhaust damper are stainless steel.

Solid 2.5mm stainless steel bench measuring 1220 x 400mm

650deg heat proof paint.

Galvanised steel construction (powder coated)

Overall length with Smoker fitted 2350mm

Width 1450mm, Height 2050mm

14” wheels on 750kg axle , no brakes required

Weight 660kg

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